ALEX KRAJEWSKI  - Biography        Canadian artist Alex Krajewski painter of Cambridge art and photographer

Alex Krajewski's fascination with architecture has always been clearly expressed in his art. He finds inspiration right here at home as well as during his trips through North America. His subject matter includes European scenery, such as Paris France, Venice, England & Scotland, Poland and Germany which reflects his deep affection for the old continent. Before coming to Canada in 1987, Alex Krajewski studied Architecture at the Warsaw Polytechnic School (1979-1983) in Poland, worked as an interior designer as well as an artist, selling his works throughout Europe.  His beautifully detailed watercolours have been featured in numerous publications and TV programs. His art adorned the covers of various publications and his urban watercolours, acrylics and photographs are part of countless private and corporate collections throughout the world.

Urban Art Photography       Empire Sandy photograph by a Cambridge artist Alex Krajewski

Photography has always been an integral part of Alex's creative process and over the years has become a powerful tool for his expression. His artistic viewpoint continues to evolve and today his art merges seamlessly with his photography through the means of traditional and digital tools.  

By merging the analog, traditional media with digital Krajewski achieves new, interesting textures and bright, luminous colours without getting into excessive detail thus making his creative process even more spontaneous. He combines and incorporates techniques from various media he worked with over the years, including acrylic textures, watercolour washes and expressive line drawing to create scenes that are full of energy, drama and light. His goal is to express the mood and the character of the view rather than to focus on the detail.  Working in Photoshop, he layers numerous photographs and textures created by him by hand as well as generated digitally from his own photography and art. He blends and erases portions of images and replaces them with more dramatic or simplified elements to make the final result more meaningful The emerging works are filled with shimmering light, movement, dramatic contrasts and intriguing textures. Interweaving the old with the new, his latest Urban Art Photography demonstrates the symbiotic relationship between the elements of the past and the present and emphasizes the importance of preserving the historic buildings and of incorporating them into the contemporary urban landscape to make modern cities more welcoming, vibrant and human-friendly.  This approach also reflects Alex's passion and a sincere concern for our heritage and his quest to preserve the precious, yet often neglected and rapidly disappearing monuments of our past. Casual human figures frequently weave through my images as the constant and integral part of an ever-changing urban landscape.

Alex uses a Canon 5D MK II camera, processes, and prints his own images with archival inks on Epson Stylus Pro 9800 printer in limited quantities on the highest quality canvas and paper. He frames them with great care and meticulous attention to detail. At the end of the process, he inspects every image to ensure the highest quality then signs and numbers each piece.

Urban Impressions - Original Acrylics            Acrylic painting of Main Street Bridge in Galt Cambridge Ontario by Cambridge artsit Alex Krajewski

In his more recent series of original acrylic paintings, Urban Impressions, Krajewski is stepping away from his traditional medium of watercolour, boldly expressing his new vision with more abstract, large-scale acrylics on canvas.  The emerging works are filled with shimmering light, colour, intriguing textures and dramatic perspective.  Painted with forceful brushstrokes these new pieces astound with unprecedented energy and confidence. Krajewski summons the viewer to take another look at the familiar cityscapes, be it Cambridge, Toronto, Venice or New York and to start interacting with them in a new way through his most recent art. This dramatic personal shift is a result of Alex’s continuous quest for new and unique means of artistic expression.  In this series, with his innovative compositions, textures and colour combinations, Alex is taking his art to the next level.

Photography       Walkway along Grand River in Cambridge Ont art photography by Alex Krajewski 

Local landscape, architecture, and European scenery continue to be Alex's main inspiration and theme of his Photographic Impressions. This approach reflects Alex’s passion and sincere concern for our heritage treasures and his quest to preserve the precious, yet often neglected and disappearing, monuments of our past.  His images are often almost abstracted by a viewing angle and often surprise the spectator with the unexpected richness of the familiar structure.  A historic building, which we may routinely pass every day, or a seemingly insignificant detail of the city landscape becomes extraordinarily poignant when viewed through Alex’s camera lens. Immortalized in Alex’s images, these architectural jewels become symbols of our culture and heritage and evoke in us a sense of belonging. 

Corporate Art    Cambridge Farmers Market in Galt Ontario watercolour by Alex Krajewski

Alex Krajewski’s art and photography, depicting local landscapes and historic sites have gained a large following among private and corporate art collectors, who share the artist's fascination with their home's heritage.  His originals and prints are part of numerous corporate collections and over the years have been part of numerous corporate gifts and awards programs.

Special Commissions include:

"Galt Armoury"-  the official painting commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the Galt Armoury Royal Highland Fusiliers of Canada
"Plowing Match" - 2012 International Plowing Match commemorative and promotional poster
"One Hundred Years"- for the 100th anniversary of the Ontario Firefighters Association 
"Four Seasons" - a series of 4 images commissioned by TD Canada Trust head office as gifts for clients. 

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