House Portraits and Commissions

If you are interested in ordering an original watercolour or acrylic painting in any size by Alex or Anna, please contact us with any questions. 

Just a few examples of commissioned watercolour and acrylic paintings below, show Alex's versatility as an artist:

A framed commissioned original painting - most unique, thoughtful and appreciated gift for a wedding anniversary.

Below is the email with which our customer surprised us after picking up Alex's painting: 

 Wedding Anniversary gift - a commissioned acrylic original painting of Stratford Ontario by Cambridge artist Alex Krajewski     Selecting picture framing for the commissioned painting at the Krajewski Gallery

Hi Alex, I just want to say a heartfelt thank you for creating such a beautiful painting. It exceeded anything I would have hoped for. My wife absolutely loves it. We will be getting it framed and will be coming in soon to have that done. You’ll be the first to keep in mind for any future commissions. Thank you again. - Jonathan

Many real estate agents commission house portraits by Alex Krajewski as gifts when closing the sale of a house.

Lucy Schito with the commissioned house portrait painted by Alex Krajewski       Lucy Schitos customers with the portrait of their home by Alex Krajewski commissioned by Lucy   

Below: a recently commisioned, framed, original acrylic painting of Cambridge-Galt by Alex Krajewski made a very appreciated housewarming gift.    

Alex Krajewski delivers a finished commission painting to his gallery in Cambridge Ontario         An original acrylic painting by Alex Krajewski depicting Dickson Street Galt Farmers Market and Galt City Hall commissioned by a private collector for a housewarming gift                                    

This framed portrait of a recently sold Kitchener home (commissioned as a gift by a caring family friend) is already a precious heirloom.

Below: Our customer with the portrait of her childhood home in Preston-Cambridge, Ontario

Gallery customer with the commissioned portrait of her childhood home in Preston Ontario     Happy customer with the framed commissioned painting by Alex Krajewski of her home in Preston


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