HANDLING: Please make sure to always carry the print by the frame. Avoid pressing on the front of the canvas with your fingers or thumb while carrying it as it may indent it. Do not lean the front of the canvas against any objects.

HANGING: For stability, we recommend using two perfectly leveled Z-Anchors placed about 5”-15” apart. There is NO wire on the back of the canvas, so the top of the frame does not lean out. The lip on the back edge of the stretcher frame will prevent the picture from sliding off the screws.

LIGHT and TEMPERATURE: Our prints are fade-proof but should not be placed in direct sun, or over a heat source as the higher the temperature may cause the stretcher frame to shrink or warp, making them loose and wavy.

CLEANINGTo clean the surface of the canvas please use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth. To clean the black edge use a soft bristle brush, instead of a cloth, to avoid leaving any residue.

Our Framed Art (some examples below) 
Our prints are available unframed or framed.

Print Sizes:
Our canvas prints can be printed up to 38" wide (or shorter side). The length will increase proportionally and will be determined by the original dimensions of the image. They can be Gallery Wrapped (below) and can be shipped in a box or by the special order can be unstretched, rolled up and shipped in a tube (you would need to stretch them at your local frame shop). You can order prints up to 54" wide, and we will be happy to custom quote any extra-large size.

Krajewski canvas photographs and prints are available in extra large sizes  Krajewski canvas photographs and prints are available in extra large sizes  Krajewski canvas photographs and prints are available in extra large sizes        

1. Gallery Wrapped CANVAS

Canvas prints (sizes listed on every product page, in the drop-down menu) are available Gallery Wrapped (i.e. stretched on an approximately 2" (for larger sizes) or 1" deep frame) with black edges. They are ready to hang and give a slick and minimalistic look to the piece.

Example 1: Gallery Wrapped Prints on Canvas on the wall at our gallery

Examples of gallery wrapped canvas on Krajewski Gallery wall Cambridge ON

2. CANVAS + Floater Frame (involves additional cost)

Framing canvas in a black Floater Frame sets the image off by creating a dramatic edge adding contrast and a contemporary finish. 
Example 2: Photographs on canvas in a NARROW black floater frame (1/4" wide and 1 1/4" deep)
 (below).  For larger images (starting at 30"x45") we suggest using a WIDE floater (3/4" wide and 1 1/4 deep), however narrow floater is acceptable and looks very light (look at an example below).

Black narrow floater frame on vertical image size 18"x24"
Winter Bench photograph on canvas by Cambridge ON artist Alex Krajewski framed in black floater frame

Black narrow floater frame on horizontal image size 18"x36"
Knox Church Panorama by Alex Krajewski printed on Canvas framed in a floater frame

Example of a narrow floater on 30" x 60" image size (below)

 Cambridge Panorama 30" x 60" framed in black narrow floater frame                                                                           

 Black floater - detail 
side view of the floater frame - fragment photograph framed in a black floater frame -fragment

3. Prints on PAPER - are shipped unframed, flat, or rolled up in a tube, depending on the size.

4. Prints on PAPER can also be matted and framed

(double matted Below is an example - Ontario Minis by Alex, colours may vary)and framed with, glass and a simple mocha frame. 

 Example of matted and framed Ontario Minis by Alex Krajewski

5. Custom Picture Framing of Our Art
Above are just a few examples of available options.  We will be adding more framing options to our website in the near future. In the meantime, however, if you wish to order a framed piece of art, please contact us, and will be happy to help. You can email us photos of your interior and we'll select the most suitable framing option based on your requirements.  We'll email you pictures and prices of the best framing options for you to choose from. We can even create a digital layout and show you how your choices will look like on your wall.

Custom framed original acrylic on canvas by Alex Krajewski

Above: custom framed painting on canvas (Verona - original acrylic by Alex Krajewski)

Click on the link to read more about our Picture Framing or call us at 1-519-267-7278.  

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