Original Acrylics


URBAN IMPRESSIONS - New Direction for Alex Krajewski

In his newest works Alex Krajewski is stepping away from his traditional medium of watercolour and boldly expressing his new vision with more abstract, large scale acrylics on canvas.  The emerging works are filled with shimmering light, colour, intriguing textures and dramatic perspective.  Painted with forceful brushstrokes these new pieces astound with unprecedented energy and confidence. Krajewski summons the viewer to take another look at the familiar cityscapes, be it Cambridge, Toronto, Venice or New York and start interacting with them in a new way through his most recent, most untraditional art.

This dramatic personal shift happened as a result of Alex’s continuous search for new and unique means of artistic expression.  Today’s Krajewski provokes the viewer with his innovative compositions, techniques and colour combinations, taking his art to the next level.

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