Portrait of Canadian artist Anna Krajewski

Art has been a big part of my life even in my childhood years.  I remember drawing portraits of my friends at school and often spending my after school time doing something creative. Art galleries always fascinated me and being able to study art at L’Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris France has provided me with an opportunity to explore countless traditional and contemporary masterpieces.  My favourite genre for many years was still life, which included whimsical interiors filled with traditional furniture, lace, teddybears and floral and fruit arrangements.  I enjoyed wandering through antique stores in search of intriguing items for my paintings. Some of them I bought and brought back to my studio to become a part of my surroundings, while others I photographed to use as a reference for my paintings.

After spending a number of years nurturing my two kids, I became fascinated with a simplicity and a relaxed and dreamy feel of landscape and flowers. My paintings feature luminous skies, foggy mountains, peaceful lakes, mystical forests and vast fields, often illuminated by colourful sunsets. Sometimes I take a very realistic approach and other times it’s the abstract quality of the view that moves me. My medium of choice is watercolour, but I also enjoy painting with acrylics.

In the past I enjoyed painting traditional, realistic watercolour still-lifes, using darker colours and contrasting light to create a mysterious atmosphere and depth. These images can be viewed in my Vintage Art Collection. More recently I have been exploring new techniques and different use of colour and light, which led me to a more impressionistic and spontaneous style.  Today my paintings are filled with lots of sunlight and vibrant colours, celebrating the joy of life and filling the viewer with optimism and happiness. Today my whimsical watercolours are inspired by fresh flowers and various whimsical objects I find during my travels and everyday life.  I record them in loosely layered, transparent washes that reflect their delicate nature and ephemeral beauty. 

My paintings have been featured in various magazines and on a variety of licensed products such as Lang calendars, fabrics, wallpaper borders and greeting cards, puzzles etc. Together with my husband Alex, who is also an artist, we share a studio and run the Krajewski Gallery featuring both our works. I enjoy the process of adding a finishing touch to our art by selecting the most appropriate framing, which we do at our gallery. 

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