Canvas Handling, Handling, and Cleaning:
Congratulations on becoming an owner of a new Krajewski canvas print.

HANDLING: Please make sure always to carry the print by the frame. Avoid pressing on the front of the canvas with your fingers or thumb while holding it as it may indent it. Do not lean the front of the canvas against any sharp objects.

HANGING: For stability, we recommend screwing two perfectly leveled Z-Anchors (provided) into the wall about 5”-15” apart. There is NO wire on the back of the canvas, so the frame's top does not lean out (like it usually does when the wire is used). The lip on the back edge of the stretcher frame will prevent the picture from sliding off the screws.

LIGHT and TEMPERATURE: Our prints are fade-proof but should not be placed in direct sun or over a heat source as the higher the temperature may cause the stretcher frame to shrink or warp, making them loose and wavy.

CLEANING: To clean the canvas's surface, please use a dry, soft, lint-free cloth. To clean the black edge, use a soft bristle brush instead of a cloth to avoid leaving any residue.

Enjoy your new art.

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