Farewell Mayfair


“Farewell Mayfair” (Painting of Kitchener, Ontario) by Alex Krajewski

Limited Edition Size: 50 signed and numbered prints (all sizes on paper and canvas are part of one edition and are numbered consecutively) and 5 Artist Proofs (AP).

Mayfair - built in 1905 in Kitchener is now gone forever.  As one of the very few heritage buildings still standing in Kitchener it added a touch of history and character to the downtown, whose historic architecture is very scarce. In spite of the grand plans to turn it into a boutique hotel and a condo, because of recent water damage, its heritage status has been revoked and it has been demolished in the summer of 2015.  This has disappointed many history lovers, Alex among them.  His latest painting preserves it, if only on paper. 

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